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Our Team




Stefan Leuenberger, Co-Founder and Chairman

Stefan is an experienced business educator and a proven education manager and leader. After several years of working as a business consultant with a focus on start-up ventures and growing businesses, Stefan found his calling in education. He acquired extensive experience as a lecturer at various Swiss business schools, universities of applied sciences and colleges. As Director, Dean, Co-CEO, and CEO, he made a ma­jor contribution to the national expansion of a well-known Swiss business school group.Stefan has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a postgraduate degree in Business Education and has recently earned his doctoral candidate in education at the University of Liverpool. As a researching practitioner and innovator in management education and education management, his major research interests are in online education and academic-practitioner collaboration. Stefan Leuenberger is the founder & CEO of Edupolis, a center of excellence for education manage­ment, innovation and entrepreneurship and acts as a board member for a leading Swiss education group.


Omar Luethi

Omar Luethi, Co-Founder and CEO

Omar completed his education in the dualistic vocational education system in Switzerland. He holds an Advanced Federal Diploma in Business Administration and an Executive Master´s degree in Corporate Development. His career steps include different roles in marketing, controlling and management with various employers from very small companies to large multi-national corporations in Switzerland and in the United States. He is an entrepreneur at heart. At age 25 Omar co-founded his first venture around an innovative distribution concept in tourism. Three other start-ups, where he is still involved today, followed. Before joining Dual Omar successfully developed and managed programs and depart­ments for a higher education institution in Switzerland.




Sue Luethi

Sue Luethi, Co-Founder, Program Coach and Mentor

After a vocational training in business administration in a vocational technical school, Sue continued her part-time studies with an Advanced Federal Diploma in Business Ad­ministration and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Human Resources. She is currently completing her EMBA with a major in HR. Sue has been working in various industries such as tourism, airline industry and manufacturing in international SME’s in Switzerland, the UK and the United States. Her experience includes a wide range of business admin­istration positions with a focus on Human Resources. She was Head of HR in an interna­tional SME and in charge of all HR activities before she started her own company providing HR services in 2014.


Michael Burri

Michael Burri, Core Systems Architect

Michael holds a bachelor degree of science FHO in information technology with focus on software architecture, user interaction and information security. Michael has been working in several industries as an application engineer. In 2012, he founded Syonix GmbH in Switzerland, an IT service provider specialized in the development of complex websites and applications as well as logo design and branding. Besides his own company, Michael has been working for Ivaris AG since 2016.


Heike Hochstrasser

Heike Hochstrasser, Member of the Board

Heike is an experienced software architect and developer. Together with her business partner Jean-Pierre Kousz she has been a successful entrepreneur and co-owner of Ivaris AG, Switzerland, a software company specialized in learning management systems and learning validation software.


Jean Pierre Kousz

Jean-Pierre Kousz, Member of the Board

Jean-Pierre is a successful entrepreneur and founder and co-owner of Ivaris AG, Switzerland. Jean-Pierre has been in different manage­ment positions in education and education-related IT companies. He ran a large for-profit profes­sional college for many years. He is also very familiar with employability topics and junior professional development as he trained apprentices in IT for many years. Besides teaching in higher education he is also a lead expert for the Swiss government in as­sessing professional colleges.


Kaja Prystupa

Kaja Prystupa-Rządca Ph.D., Program Coach and Mentor

Kaja is an assistant professor at Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland. Her main fields of research are the management of virtual teams and virtual collaborations settings. Kaja is driven by questions, uncertainties, and room for innovation. She is also a passionate and creative educator.


Hiam Sakakini

Hiam Sakakini, Advisor

Hiam is Co-Founder of ThinkChangeGrow in Sydney, Australia, a consulting agency specialized in team and organizational development. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Hiam has held many positions in Google’s global organization over the last 9 years. From building large sales teams in EMEA to developing the next generation of Google’s leaders in APAC. She is skilled in finding smart, self-motivated, innovative individuals and creating an environment that helps them thrive. Curiosity and hunger to self-evolve has led her to move locations while changing positions to solve the big problems from multiple angles. As a sociology major and specialist in change management, she looks for the common traits amongst the top performers that are coachable for all.