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Prove yourself in social media marketing and become a start-up entrepreneur in Kosovo

Become an Entrepreneur in Kosovo!

You live in Kosovo and consider a career in marketing and communication? This is your opportunity to jump from university directly into a new venture and become a start-up entrepreneur in Kosovo.

How does it work? Our client Lority Corporation, a Swiss venture aiming to support ethnic communities in Switzerland and the Balkans, is seeking 3-5 ambitious talents with entrepreneurial spirit to set up a social media marketing and communication agency in Prishtina, Kosovo. This could be you! Are you ready to demonstrate your entrepreneurial ambitions and creativity in social media, community management and marketing campaign topics?

Watch Besar Rexhepaj, Co-founder and CEO of Lority Corporation, Switzerland. Lority Scouting Competition welcome message.

Instead of running a traditional recruiting/selection process with CVs, applications letters and interviews we are doing this a little bit differently this time: we run a scouting competition. And we want you to enjoy it, to learn from this experience and to be able to demonstrate why you are the entrepreneur Lority is looking for.

Benefits: What is in for me?

How does the competition work?

This virtual competition has 2 stages. The entire competition is free (well, free to you and generously sponsored by Lority). You may enter the competition by simply filling in the registration form below. In Stage 1 we will invite you to show us why we should consider you. At the same time we will share some interesting materials that may help sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. To complete Stage 1 of this competition, expect a workload of roughly 4-8 hours. Your work result of Stage 1 will be evaluated directly by the Lority management team. If you rank among the top 20 percent at the end of this program, Lority will invite you to stage 2 of the competition: the virtual team collaboration stage. With this 2-stage assessment Lority aims to find the 3-5 most talented individuals with a healthy team-oriented attitude and the drive to run an international social media communication and marketing agency based in Prishtina, Kosovo.

Why should I participate?
Succeeding in this competition may just be the fastest way to become an entrepreneur with international ties in Kosovo! You are looking for an exciting career opportunity in Kosovo and you have a passion for social media, marketing/communication and campaign management? Lority Corporation offers this unique assessment program for you to demonstrate (and further develop) your skills. The program itself is a great way to challenge yourself, sharpen your own self-presentation skills, gain insights into a real company and interact directly with business professionals.

What are the requirements to participate?
Before you register by completing the registration form below, please make sure that you fulfil the following requirements.

Knowledge requirements

System requirements

How do I register?
Simply fill in the registration form at the bottom of this page. Within 2 business days, we will confirm your registration and send you an invitation to Basecamp, our collaboration platform. Your email address along with your first and last name will be visible to your fellow program participants, Dual and Lority staff, mentors and coaches. For more information please also see our disclaimer page. For the privacy policies of Basecamp please visit: https://basecamp.com/about/policies

What is the workload and schedule
Stage 1 takes about 4 to 8 hours to complete. This stage opens 6 March, 2017, it is individual and very flexible. You can register and start any time and there are no fixed deadlines. It is entirely up to you how and when you want to hand in your task results. We expect participants to hand in their work within 2-3 weeks after registration. At this point we plan to keep Stage 1 open until mid April 2017.

What tools am I using in the competition?
We will grant access to:

If we consider your task result convincing, we will invite you to participate in Stage 2, the team collaboration stage. At the end of stage 2 Lority intends to continue with 3-5 individuals to launch a social media and communications agency in Kosovo.

How much does this cost me?
This competition is free (and no, we have no hidden costs)! Stage 1 of this competition is open to everyone meeting the requirements listed above and free of charge to all participants. The program costs are generously sponsored by Lority. If you are among the winners invited to stage 2, Lority will also fully cover the costs for the subsequent assessment stage.

Registration form

Simply fill in this registration form to enter the Lority Scouting Competition, Stage 1. This competition is entirely free of charge to you. You may cancel or stop participating in the competition at all times without any further obligations.

Additional Message (optional)

Please note that we will get back to you via email to confirm your registration within two business days. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Thank you.