Call for Early Stage EdTech Investors

Dual is currently seeking an EdTech angel investor for the seed round to bring personalized workplace learning to companies with limited L&D capacities.

Dear potential investor. On this page, we are sharing the cornerstones of our startup and the current early stage investment opportunity at Dual Academy. We hope to present just about enough to wake interest and raise questions. We look forward to getting in contact with potential investors and are happy to provide further details.

Seed Investment Opportunity

Dual Academy is an EdTech startup launched in January 2016 and incorporated in Switzerland. We bring a new generation online learning for today´s modern workplace. Companies with limited L&D capacities and the need to develop leadership, collaboration, and communication skills choose us because we help them design, build and run L&D programs well aligned to their specific needs. To achieve this, we are currently looking for a private, preferably individual investor sharing Dual´s vision, our passion for EdTech and/or L&D and willing to invest 250k CHF (equity) in the seed phase.

The seed investment will be used to build (Q4/17-Q1/18) and run (Q1/18-Q2/18) the first three Personalized Workplace Learning programs within Switzerland and Germany, our pilot markets. The results gained from these pilots will allow us to advance in the program and platform development initiatives in order to scale our operations (from Q4/18 onwards).

Traction, Next Steps, and our 5-Year Outlook

Having started in early 2016 we have already gained a range of valuable insights and learnings. The experiential learning framework with a range of tested learning formats, a core data base architecture, 2 program prototypes and signed statements of interest from potential corporate clients are among the outputs of the journey so far. Dual Academy is 1 of 10 startups participating in Venturelab´s 2017 Kickstart Accelerator, EdTech Vertical at EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland.

Between Q4/17 and Q3/18 we focus on building and running 3 program pilots allowing us to specify details for further program design and platform development. And we have a goal on where we want to be in 2020. But this is a site with public access and we think it is wrong to provide such information here. We are happy to share further business details, strategic goals and planned steps with interested and trustworthy individuals. If we have caught your interest, please contact us (see form below).

Core Team

Dr. Stefan Leuenberger, Co-founder and Chairman
Omar Luethi, Co-founder and CEO
Heike Hochstrasser, CTO and board member
Jean-Pierre Kousz, advisor and board member

Main fields of experience: Business education & training, learning management systems and skills validation software development, management. For further details visit our team page.

Enquiry for further Information

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