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Developing skills is more than just building knowledge

For companies with limited L&D capacities, Dual´s personalized workplace learning online programs are the most effective way to develop leadership, team collaboration and managerial skills for the modern workplace. We align proven learning tools with your specific needs and create a rich on-the-job learning experience. We do this because – in skills development – traditional eLearning and MOOCs with video and quiz have failed.


What can Dual Academy do for your company?

Skills like leadership, communication and virtual collaboration challenge companies all over the world. Digital transformation requires different skills in these fields. But skills are best developed when the learning is well-connected to the individual job and work-setting. But unless you are a big multinational your company probably has limited capacities design, build and run company-specific learning and development programs from scratch. We do this for you! And it does not involve any lengthy concept stages or upfront investments on your side.

Dual is your L&D partner

Dual Academy is the ideal Partner for your learning & development process and in organizational development. After a company-specific situation analysis, we support you in designing your L&D programs, build them according to your individual needs and ensure that the program outcome is directly linked to your business goals. Dual programs can also be booked individually.

Our L&D services. We help you evaluate your need, then design, build and run your L&D initiatives


Replace traditional workshops with a new generation of workplace learning

You want to bring your staff from A to B. You set the destination, we bring in the vehicle to get there. Based on your need, our learning experts help you derive the learning outcomes, design and build a suitable learning process implemented in an intuitive learning arena. You profit from our competencies in experiential learning, a proven methodology, program templates ready-to-use or ready-to-customize, a powerful learning-toolbox and access to a pool of coaches. With us, you won´t start from scratch. This means no upfront expenses and set-up costs for you. Your staff, individuals, teams or the entire organization, will be able to start training within days (or even hours).


Can online learning really be effective?

Skills are best developed on-the-job, through experience. This is why generic content, video and quiz that are not linked to the learners on work-setting have a very limited impact on the learners skill-set. On the other hand, traditional on-site workshops lack the flexibility and are very costly if you consider travel and accommodation expenses and time-investment. And there is another problem with on-site workshops. They are bubbles – employees come out but implementing new skills and behaviors takes longer than just one or two workshop-days. And here, employees often get stuck and fall back into old routines.

The solution lies in between: our programs are stretched over several weeks and delivered online, but the learning takes directly on the job. An online coach interacts directly with the learner on a regular basis, sets new tasks, gives feedback and clarifies questions along the way. And you can even bring in your own mentor to evaluate the learning outcome.


Why Dual_comparison to MOOCs and Workshops


What is Personalized Workplace Learning

Dual Academy´s personalized workplace learning: creating productive results on-the-job, accompanied by mentors and adjusted to your schedule.

Dual´s Personalized Workplace Learning is a new generation of online learning programs. You bring in your need and our learning experts help you design, build and run your personalized program, well aligned to your workplace. A Dual coach will assist you on your learning path and the results you create, will directly create on-the-job impact.


Do you see an urgent skills-gap to reach your 2019 business goals?

We are convinced that learning & development should not be disconnected from your business, your business goals, and team targets. Your business goals are driving the need for relevant skills and behaviors and as such, they should also be driving your learning initiatives. And who in your organization can bridge the business side and L&D? We can! Contact us, tell us about your needs – or simply our business goals – and help us share our expertise in workplace learning with you. The result: cost-effective and relevant skills-building programs, flexible, delivered online with tasks directly producing useful results on-the-job, stretched over time allowing for a sustainable anchoring of the learning, facilitated by mentors to accelerate the learning and based on a proven methodology and templates. Scalable without any upfront investments from your side. This is how workplace learning should be, don´t you agree?


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