21st Century Experiential Learning

Equip your employees with the 
most demanded skills for today´s digitalized workplace. Interactive and flexible programs linked directly to the participant´s own context and delivered online.

You see old Habits and Attitudes holding back your Company from unleashing its true Potential?

Your leaders are not transforming fast enough and you see that technology could do much more if people would embrace it? Virtual collaboration generates new challenges? The clash between generations in your workforce becomes more and more obvious? Projects create unhealthy tensions and decision making has become more difficult than ever? Well, you should read on…

Your Challenges predominantly root in 21st Century Skills and Attitudes. These are much harder to develop than Functional Skills.

21st century skills and attitudes – such as collaboration and leadership skills, ways of working and embracing new technologies or project management – can typically not be developed through one-day workshops or passive textbook learning. Videos and quiz won´t do. Traditional online courses lack the collaboration, networking and sharing aspects that are crucial for this type of skills. Lengthy individual on-site coachings, however, are expensive: effective for individuals yes, but highly inefficient if it comes to scaling it as an L&D initiative throughout your company. And employees are more and more demanding.


You have not quite figured out how to efficiently train these 21st Century Skills with a Lasting Impact?

Let us introduce you to a truly new way of effective corporate training: 21st Century experiential learning. The solution is a customized yet scalable approach. Suitable for individuals at every level, teams, and organizations.

Designed to solve Today´s Learning and Development Challenges

What if you could address your learning need today? A highly specialized experiential learning expert could walk you through a proven process to create your 21st Century experiential learning program. First, we help you transfer your needs into specific outcomes. Then you select from a range of curated content. We closely support you in the experiential task design, customization options such as peer-group access and match your participants with an experienced Dual coach according to your needs. Individualized timelines and role-specific access for you and your team members allow a smooth process.


21st Century Experiential Learning: Our Program Characteristics

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Coming Soon: 21st Century Experiential Learning Programs

This is just a very small teaser what we are currently working on. We are planning to run the first corporate programs in late 2017 and early 2018. If you think that your company, unit or team would be ideal for a pilot in one of the skill areas shown below, please let us know.

2017 Experiential program teasers


Program Customizations: Adjust Our Programs to Your Needs

Are you looking for an exclusive training experience? You would like to fix a starting date matching your team´s schedule, choose a specific mentor from our pool, stretch the timeline or add a peer assessment? Most of our programs can be customized to your needs. Contact us and one of our experienced program managers will guide you through the entire process: from the initial contact to running your exclusive program. Creating effective in-house training has never been easier.

Practitioners, experienced educators and business leaders at your service

Experienced coaches from around the world

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You can´t take on 21st century tasks with 20th century tools and hope to get it done.

Cathy N. Davidson, Professor at Duke University