In this 6-week virtual student collaboration program, students from several countries work in mixed teams on a real-world task and pitch their final results to a jury. The mentor-led format allows students to improve their 21st Century Skills. The criteria-based performance validation in the participation offers students a differentiation in their future job search process. 


The program is a co-creation of Birkenvale and Dual Academy. The pilot program 2019 was funded by the Swiss government (Movetia) as an innovative educational project with an international scope. Participating schools gain the opportunity to enrich their school curricula with an applied international format. 93% of the participants recommend the program!


In the virtual student collaboration program, students work on a real-world project and can demonstrate a set of competences. Possible tasks could be (to be defined by Birkenvale/Dual):


  • Create ideas on how schools can support international collaboration among students

  • Set ideas to increase environmental awareness in school

  • Define a marketing initiative for sustainable tourism in one of the student’s home areas

  • Create product ideas and market strategy for SME company

  • Set up a concept for better integration of minorities in a specific region for an NGO

  • Create social media strategy for a local start-up 

The time investment is approx. 4-6 hours per week (30 learning hours in total).


  • Self-evaluation of participants before and after the program 

  • Pitch evaluation through jury with criteria-based team performance report

  • Winning team receives social media promotion



  • Upper Secondary level (years 11-12)

  • Bachelor students

  • Master students​

  • VET apprentices

  • Higher VET students


The students will be assigned to a globally mixed team of approx. 4-7 people.


The participation of the school / faculty member involves:

  • Promotion of virtual collaboration challenge among students 

  • Single point of contact for group registrations


To offer equal opportunities to participate in the Virtual Collaboration Challenge, we have different prices for each region and depending on the number of participants registered by a faculty member/school. Please see our pricelist for details.


Next programs start in January 2021 and March 2021.