March 23, 2016
by Stefan Leuenberger

Business Leaders in Higher Education

Traditional business education often lacks relevance for professional practice. Therefore, business practitioners’ potential in higher education learning and teaching has been widely discussed. However, by their own academic and professional qualification criteria for business school faculties, global business school accreditation standards, which otherwise promote professionals’ involvement in business school’s governance and programme development, generally rule out a responsible involvement of business professionals in formal business learning and assessment processes.

Recent forms of online learning, which directly link the learner to professional practice, are practically valuable for an effective engagement of business professionals in higher education. In particular, online learning networks’ ability to extend business schools’ range towards practitioners’ workplaces predestines unlocking potential synergies in knowledge collaboration between business academia and practice. In this context, experiential learning, as a practice-oriented education model, already provides key concepts for holistic, authentic and workplace-embedded learning settings, which link business theory to practice.

As a synthesis of experiential and online learning, Dual builds a global online network where business educators and leaders collaboratively create and disseminate new knowledge and jointly promote business students’ practical skills development. If you are a business educator or professional and interested in joining our global community of practical business education, please visit our website!

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Stefan Leuenberger

Co-Founder & Chairman at Dual. Edupreneur, Researcher and adopted Berliner.