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Why study at Dual?

Regardless of the level you achieved through your business studies, your are typically not fully job-ready at the end of your university education. Your ability to collaborate and solve problems is crucial in the digital economy however your opportunities to show off when starting your career are often rare.

At Dual, we extend your business learning arena towards authentic and challenging work environments of business leaders and professionals. Here, you can build and demonstrate the skill-set relevant in today’s global job markets. Earn a valuable business reference: train practically, on-the-job, while conducting your regular studies at your home university.

Dual studies with hands-on training and practical experience is nothing new. This vocational approach has been well-established since the medieval guilds. We bring it to higher education and make it accessible to you: with affordable online programs including mentorship and real-world business challenges that offer you the flexibility needed to combine your university studies with the practical experience. No detours or endless commitments, straight to the point.

If you think that working on real-world projects and interacting with the business world can increase your attractiveness to future employers, get in touch with us.



Virtual Learner

Virtual Internship Programs

No matter where you live or which university you attend, you can start your professional career now: conduct our Virtual Internship Program and gain valuable hands-on experience and references from industry experts. We offer online traineeships in many different business domains, disciplines and time models in cooperation with industry partners from all around the world.


Professional Development Programs

Traditional university learning, teaching and assessment often fail to promote and measure the skills, knowledge and attitudes recruiters are looking for. Our Professional Development Programs emerge from the needs of specific job profiles required by employers, always tied to a particular industry, discipline and geographic region. Tell us where your ideal professional journey is leading you to. We will pick you up and help you get a head start in your school-to-work transition.



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Professional Experience Programs

In today’s business world, people use technology to collaborate in teams, to create new programs and services and share these with their colleagues and customers all around the world: in our Professional Experience Programs you have the opportunity to complete your valuable disciplinary knowledge, that you have already gained at your home university in order to get qualified for these digital and collaborative skills that are sought in today’s international job markets and you need to succeed in your life as global knowledge worker.


Professional Impact Programs

In traditional university education, most business knowledge is assessed by paper and pencil. The focus lies on evaluating individuals rather than team results. In many ways, this does not fully reflect the needs of today’s dynamic labor markets. In our Professional Impact Programs we add real-world challenges and leading industry experts to your university education. As a Dual student, you work individually or collaborate in teams online with business leaders from all around the world. You can solve problems, conduct research and create solutions for the real world and get jointly supported and qualified by our business executives and your university educator.

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Dual is an innovative online education provider. We offer real-world education and professional experience programs, where leading educators integrate their deep knowledge collaboratively with professional experts from all around the world.
We engage and connect a global network of learning experts and industry partners to create an accessible and affordable online education model, which is aligned with employers’ needs, grounded on academic excellence and focused on students’ individual goals and lifestyles.
The programs usually take 6 weeks to complete. Expect an overall workload of 8-10 hours per week. The program structure is largely determined by the course design, though, as intended by each of the programs, they are all embedded in practical and authentic real-world activities and contexts.
Dual is a provider of online learning, which meets general quality requirements for the assessment of learning at universities and business schools. Even though our programs are often integral part of formally-assessed and accredited higher education courses, we do not hold our own regional or business accreditation.
Dual is based in Bern-Liebefeld, in the Canton of Berne in Switzerland and therefore subject to Swiss law.
Based on Article 13 of the Federal Constitution of Switzerland and the provisions of federal data protection legislation, everyone has the right to the protection of their privacy, as well as to protection from misuse of their personal details. Dual complies with these provisions. Personal data is treated as strictly confidential. Dual will never sell your personal data to any third party. Dual only uses your data to provide the services described in the terms and conditions.
If you have any request regarding our services, possibilities for a cooperation or any other questions, we will be happy to hear from you! Please contact us via email: or just use the contact form. Learn more