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Together with universities and business organizations, we provide students with skills that are highly relevant in today's job market

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Business Schools

You represent a University or Business School and are interested in expanding your institutional scope towards a corporate business environment. If you are ready to innovate and reshape the way of business learning, teaching and research: Become a Dual University Partner!

Make your business school programs more attractive. Enrich them with skills-oriented industry projects. Let your cohorts interact with business professionals and allow your students to take action, demonstrate their skills and shine. Promote your students’ success in today’s dynamic labour markets.

Business Organizations

You are a recruiter seeking talents and ready to invest in their potential. Find young professionals at the starting point of their career: Become a Dual Recruiter. Gain talents for your organization from all over the world and provide short-term virtual internships or prospective employment. Give their career the boost they need and benefit from an effective way of assessing potential employees.

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Your organization takes social responsibility with a focus on youth, education or employability. Act by sponsoring real-world business projects, virtual internships or education programs and allow young people to build up relevant skills needed to enter today´s labor market, regionally or globally: Become a Dual Sponsor

Your engagement increases your reputation as a good corporate citizen. The unique approach of our programs will help you create an image as an innovator in dual education.

If you want to learn more about these different partnerships, please let us know and send us your contact details with a short message about your partnership idea. We are excited to get in touch with you.

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Skills learned at school need to extend beyond subject knowledge. Applying knowledge to real work situations, analysing and solving problems, and communicating effectively with colleagues are all crucial elements of skills development that young people need if they are to obtain good jobs in a global economy increasingly driven by technology.

UNESCO, 2012